Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chefa Kickoff

 Every year Chefa starts off with a yearbook signing, hang out day. It is generally held in August, or September just before school starts. yearbooks are revealed, and the circles of signing begin. We usually spend a large amount of time just hanging out with people we may not have seen all summer long. Though this year there were several games to play throughout the night As always there was a game of volleyball off and on the entire night.
Billy :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

C.J & His Pets

C.J has recently acquired several new pets. First he bought a snake, I think it is a corn-snake but I could be incorrect. He has had it for about a month and a half, and it has grown at least three inches since he first owned it. It is quite a pretty little snake.

The second pet is a two foot long Iguana. I haven't seen it yet except through pictures, but it seems like a pretty cool looking critter. Although the Iguana is pretty cool, the story behind it is even cooler. Apparently this particular lizard was quite the brat. It was just mean to everyone. But C.j eventually managed to tame it, so he decided to buy it from the store he works at. So he's like an official snake whisperer now!
Billy XD

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where It Be At

Choir update:  so choir is going good the songs are cool. But, you have to come to the concerts to find out what they are. I ain't sayin nothin'!!!

Music Update: Finished a Piano workbook & A Guitar workbook...onward & upward I march!

On being a gentlemen or cultured or something like that:  So my family went to see King Leer at the Woodward park Shakespeare Festival. It was about not being selfish. It was funny and was better than I thought it would be. Mom says this doesn't count for Shakespeare, I still have to study him in High School.

Outdoors: OK so I went camping with my friends in Monterrey. The first day we went swimming, boogie boarding, wake boarding & set up camp.  We had a good time at the beach but I pulled a muscle in my calf. Yeah that sucked but whatever. I still walked and played but it hurt a lot the next day.  Mr.Hays left a day earlier then everyone else because he is a pastor. He drove me home with him because I had a party to go to the next day....and the next day after that.

The Parties:  OK because my 2 cousins are never BOTH in the USA at the same time...and they were...this meant partytime.  It was so cool to see them again.  Owen "planned" the party and he had just got back from Germany...I mean that day.  Like I aid Eva was also back from Japan for a while. She had to straighten out some paper work. The second party was for Mr.Wynn.  It was a surprise party, which are always fun!!  It was nice to see all of my montain friends again. I am NOT city.


Feeling Awesome !!!

Last week I finally got all of my errands taken care of.  I got a new cell (don't even ask) yeah.  I got new glasses so now I can see ( again don't ask) I also got my Leatherman back from the company. I also bought a pocket clip for it ( much easier) Oh and I found my bros ipod that we have been looking for all summer (apparently the sofa ate it)

                                                                                                                         Ricky Vincent

A Job Well Done

OK, of all the piano playin' people I know Micheal Delfin is the best! The very first thing I remember him playing was "Happy Birthday" on my Granny's piano when I was like 6. I remember him talking about composers like they were his best friends, or like some guys talk about sports heroes. He has always been good at what he does. He is now in a college specializing in classic music. They are impressed by him as well. A few months ago he came back to Fresno to have a fundraiser concert.  It was held at Fresno State. He played amazing and he gave a speech thanking us for showing up. He also thanked his parents for homeschooling him, allowing him to chase his dream.

                                                                                                                              Ricky Vincent

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shugert stuff

OK so I decided to read all of the Beverly Cleary books we have, which is a lot. Now I am waiting to see the new movie with my cousins (I hope it is good).

So the Shugerts (the above mentioned cousins) come over to our house every week. We are helping them to Homeschool. Billy & I are trading off weeks teaching them P.E. Mom makes us write out a lesson plan each week. I am teaching Elizabeth to play the piano. Billy is teaching Trisitea to play the drums. Mom is doing here thing as well.

We also have a lot of fun, not just schooling. Something is always happening at our house anyway. But when the Shugerts come, because their family likes to be dorks too, we end up having more fun. We have had a huge Nerf war,  played boardgames, played the wii, laser tag, watched a movies, ordered pizzas, had relay races, puppet shows, comedy acts and on and on and on.

One Thursday I showed Trisitea & Elizabeth how to make Strawberry ice cream. We made a batch for their house & one for our house. Billy & I didn't really have patience that day, so we took our ice cream out before it was done. We had some AWESOME strawberry milkshakes.Mom doesn't always let us have sweets. As a matter of fact the Shugert kids say we are too healthy every week when they come visit us because Mom makes them eat fruit with their lunch.

Some days CJ gets to come too. We like that.

PSCA Choir

OK so  I went to a choir work shop a month ago and it was fun. It got me all excited about starting choir back up again.  I got to hang with my friends and then we worked on singing. The guys had to learn how to do a falsetto, which is marking you voice high. I had fun, but I am not good at making my voice high. We also worked on reading music. It has now been about two months since I started back up in choir. I am now in the high school choir. It is a little more challenging, but it's still fun!

                                                                                              rickydave aka Ricky aka Eric David Vincent

Goods Times!!!

OK so I went to Laser Quest with Brannon and Mr.Goodbar.  We went with their Scout Troop before they moved. I should've written about it sooner, but life happens...Anyway I won the first round, which was awesome.  Then some other kid won the second one. It was fun and we all had a good time.

  I am working on a school cabinet for home improvement in Contenders.  It is a very needed project because the cabinet would not last another school year.

Another thing I meant to mention a while back was Jesse's awesome party! We hung around inside playing games and Rock Hero.  Then (when it was finally cool enough outside) we played tag, hide and seek tag and  ghost in the grave yard. Jesse is always a fun person to be around, so of course his party would be fun.


                                                                                                          Eric David Vincent

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tabitha and Crissy

My mom has recently found two of her stepsisters on Facebook. Tabitha lives in Fresno, and Crissy lives in Oregon. About a month ago Crissy came to Fresno, and we went to see her and Tabitha. We met at the hotel Crissy was staying at. We swam for a while, then left mom to catch up with her sisters. After a little bit we came back to pick her up.
Billy :D

Bobby's wedding

 This summer my dad's cousin Bobby got married. He decided to get married before he left for coast guard duty in Alaska. The ceremony was held at a church in Sunnyside. We all dressed up, and went over to view the occasion. After they walked down the aisle we had a formal dinner. Then there were several dances. We left while people were still dancing.
Billy :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camping by lake McClure/McSwain

This August we went camping up by an area most people know by the lake "Don Pedro". We didn't camp there though. We were at the side by side lakes of McClure & McSwain. We took C.J along, as we do pretty often on camping trips.

The first day we set up camp & just chilled for a while.

The next day we went to Knight's Ferry on the  Stanislaus River. We walked among the ruins, across the longest covered bridge in California and swam in the river. Before heading back to camp we had dinner at a 50's diner. Mom said if we were brave enough to swim across the river she would let us eat there. We think she was planning to eat there anyway, hmmm...When we got back to the camp Ricky & Mom went for a trip around a cove in McClure in our row boat. CJ & I played board games.

The third and final day Mom, Dad & Ricky went down to the lake to "row" while CJ & I finished our game. Then CJ & I went down with Ricky for a while. Then we packed up & went over to Lake Mc Swain. While at McSwain Mom, Dad & Ricky "rowed" across the lake. CJ & I swam across. It took a long time to get there & back. By the time we got back to the picnic area we had to go home.
Billy :D

Best Back-to-School party

This years back to school party was held at the Pools house. We hung out, played volleyball, and some of us swam. About half way through the night we had a worship service. We sang several worship songs, and read a Max Lacado story. After the party I spent the night with Justin, and Cameron Pool. We hung out and played x-box for pretty much the whole time.
Billy :D

Computers, Chemistry, and Latin Jazz Ensemble

 This semester I have joined two college classes, and a chemistry class. I am part of the IS-15 class at willow international. This is a basic computer course, that covers internet, and basic computer usage. My second class is a Music ensemble at city college. This esemble focus's on the Latin styles of Jazz. such as Songo,  Cha-cha-cha, and Mambos. My last class is with Campus Christian Academy. It is a chemistry course.
Billy :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Yearbook

   I was part of  two yearbook teams last year. One was with CHEFA, as I have already said, the other was with BEST which I will tell about now. The BEST yearbook team consisted of the Orazems, the Meyers, us Vincents, pretty low in numbers as you can see. We pressed forward regardless. We met every other week, and hashed out yearbook pages. One problem... we weren't getting enough pictures. So we eventually released ourselves to just do as much as we could, and didn't bother about the rest. Maybe this year the group will have more participation.
Billy Vincent :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

Driving & College

This August I got my permit, and I started two college classes. I've gone on my first drivers training lesson, and have driven quite a bit since then. I joined a Computer Class at Willow International, and a Latin Jazz Ensemble at City College. I'm enjoying both classes, and I really like driving so far!
Billy :D

Starting School & Chemistry

  This year we started school at the beginning of August. We had our annual giant breakfast and all the you-have-to-do-when-you-start-school-traditions. We usually get started in September, after Labor Day,  so this was a little earlier then normal. Bummer.

I also started Chemistry in early August. So far this class  hasn't been too hard, but it does involve a lot of math. Much like Physics does, except Chemistry doesn't involve (so far) as much thought in choosing your equation.
Billy :D

Going away Parties

At the end of summer several of my friends decided that they should leave for college. Richard and Weston both
had parties.

Richard had an open house, and invited a very large amount of friends from various groups he was involved in. These included CHEFA, Tower, PSCA, and Debate club. I knew almost everyone that came which was nice. We hung out, had dinner, played ping-pong, and just had a good time.

Weston had a party in his housing complex's park thing. We met about 8:30 and ate a potluck breakfast. We attempted a game of volleyball, but ended up just hanging out. I knew everyone who came, as they were all from our church.

Good Luck to all my newly graduated friends, those who moved far away, and those who stayed close by. 

Billy :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Swimming with the Goodbars

Well Billy just wrote about scuba diving with the Goodbar family. Well my family also went swimming, BBQed & hung out with the Goodbar family several times over the summer. Until they moved to Minnesota last month.

Scuba at Central High

 Earlier this summer the Goodbars invited us to go scuba dive at Central High. Basically it was an intro program to scuba diving. I enjoyed this experience. It was a good simple way to introduce Scuba to random people. We went under, and then swam the entire pool length. On another point this pool was massive! I have never seen a pool that big in my life. I could probably fit our house into it. Oh and Central High also has a small water park in the pool area. Awesome day.
Billy :D

Millerton Lake Rocks!

We go a lot of places in the summer. But we most definitely go to Millerton Lake. Mostly because it's so close to where we live. This summer I was able to go with my church high school youth group 3 times. We went  rafting and the guys driving the boats were awesome. Then we eat BBQ.  Then we had a bible study. This was the schedule each time. It was fun to do this over the summer. Billy & I are taking a break from the youth group for a while though.